Art tuition with Sarah Deans

Some courses comprise five weekly sessions, other courses are day or two day workshops.

The foundation course may be either once a week for five weeks or two-day workshop.

Up Coming CoursesPriceTimeStart Date
Foundation Course/Beginners Drawing $250Weekly over five weeks
Introduction to Colour $250Weekly over five weeks
Studio Sessions in AkaroaPrivate9.30am –12.30pm

Sarah offers a range of workshops & tuition. Her catchphrase “Anyone Can Draw” is proven time after time, with delighted pupils often creating drawings and paintings they never would have dreamed possible in such a short time. In addition to teaching the techniques of the medium, Sarah gives her pupils the tools to ‘see’ and to unblock their talents as creative individuals. Her thoroughly researched and tested techniques work, amazingly quickly.

Please contact Sarah or call her on 0272888138 or email: sarah. if you are interested in discussing classes.

2-day Intensive Workshops life study, portrait, colour sensitivity, animal portraits

If you are interested in participating in an intensive 2-day workshop  please give me a call to discuss as I’m in the early stages of planning these now.


With Sarah’s recent move to Sheffield she is reviewing the pricing of her workshops. Please call her to discuss your interests.

2-day Workshops, CURRENTLY ON OFFER. call or email to book in.

These workshops are carefully structured programs incorporating accelerated learning processes to quickly and easily transfer and develop technical and creativity skills.  They are ideal for both beginners and experienced artists.

  • Foundation Drawing
  • Introduction to Colour (for Oils, Acrylics or Watercolour painters)

Duration: 2-day workshop (9:45– 4:00)
Min Participants: 5 , Max Participants:  10

General Art Group Workshop

These workshops are ideal for established art groups looking for new insights and inspiration.  Sarah provides individual feedback and guidance and will tailor the content to meet the needs of the group including demonstrations of technique and creativity exercises.

Duration: Either ½ day (3 hrs) or 1 day (7 hrs)
Max Participants: 20     Fees negotiable

Master Classes

Designed for experienced artists seeking to develop and explore their creativity and unique style. Sarah tailors the content and focus according to the needs of participants and the ongoing sessions allow time for reflection and feedback over an extended period.  Fees negotiable

Duration: 3 hour sessions in 5 or 10 session Blocks
Min Participants: 4  Max Participants:  8

Individual Tuition

These sessions may be one-off or on-going depending on your needs and interests. Sarah will provide you with focused guidance and individual attention enabling you to grow and develop as an artist.

Duration: 3 hour or 6 hour sessions
Min Participants: 1  Max Participants: 3

Colour Sensitivity

open days for art people to come and explore colour sensations by seeking inspiration from using natures palette  and then creating colour combinations and patterns in simple ways of painting.  All levels of painters are welcome, as these days are designed to provide a calm and peaceful space to unblock your creativity.  The format involves playing with colour, either in small groups or individually, and bringing and sharing lunch with other like -minded people.  This is designed to be relaxing and there will be informal teaching, and experimentation using your senses.

Colour Mixing for Painters

For many developing painters getting the colours right can be very a real challenge. Different mediums require different techniques and there seem to be lots of ways to get it wrong. And of course when the final painting doesn’t meet your expectations then much of the enjoyment of making art is lost.

Sarah’s new Colour Mixing for Painters workshop delivers exciting and valuable new ways to assist artists to mix colours that mirror the original hue. This is done using several different tools to help you read colours and colour values accurately. You will be guided to make your own tools for assessing and measuring colour and provided with foolproof techniques to help you get the colour you want and need every time.

Colour Sensitivity Workshop

Developing a high level of awareness and sensitivity to colour is a key skill for painters as well as others involved in creative pursuits. Sarah’s Colour Sensitivity workshop has been designed to help build this sensitivity and awareness quickly and easily.

Focusing on developing your skills of perception, rather than the techniques of making and mixing colours, this workshop will dramatically alter your approach to colour.

You will learn why different colours have different influences, how to combine colours to enhance the impact of colour, the meaning behind different colours and your own personal colours and colour palette.

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