After over 10 years in Sydney, Australia, Sarah returned to her roots in Canterbury, New Zealand in April 2009.

Sarah Deans is a master of colour. Sarah’s paintings are characterised by her bold use of colour and tone. Inspired by nature, her subjects are flowers, landscapes and skyscapes. Using multi-sensory processes she explores the influence of the subconscious and of spirituality in relation to her subjects.

Sarah’s first medium, watercolour, allows her to achieve translucent effects through layers of washes. These additional dimensions to her paintings often result in secondary, subliminal images emerging from within her subjects.

Sarah’s Oil & Acrylic paintings demonstrate bold use of colour and capture the life energies of her subjects.

An inspiring teacher, Sarah now conducts watercolour painting and drawing workshops for groups and individual students. She has studied accelerated learning and related areas of ‘superlearning’, and has incorporated these techniques in the highly successful Sarah Deans Method of teaching art.

Sarah was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, into a family of well-known professional artists.

She studied at London’s Inchbald School of Design and then lived in London for four years, working at various galleries. She also traveled extensively in Europe, immersing herself in European art and architecture. Returning to New Zealand she completed a two-year study programme in watercolour theory and technique.

Sarah has a strong body of commissioned works hanging in private collections in Australia and New Zealand; and also further afield in South Africa, Singapore, Fiji, England, Canada and the USA.

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